The Impact of the Level of Job Stress on Employee Job Performance: A Study on Selected Commercial Banks in Colombo District


  • M Prasanna Department of Human Resource Management University of Sri Jayewardenepura


It is evident from observations and through research that employees in every sector of economy are going through a great deal of job stress resulting in deteriorating employee performance, thus affecting the employees themselves, their families and the organizations. Bankers are under a great deal of stress due to many antecedents of stress. One of the affected outcomes of stress is on job performance. As the main objective of this study it examines the relationship between job stress and job performance of executives in commercial banks in Colombo district (Sri Lanka). This study includes one independent variable (Job Stress), one dependent variable (Job Performance) and a moderating variable (Demographic Factors). Survey method was used as the method of data collecting. Population was the executive employees in four selected commercial banks in Colombo district and 248 employees who are randomly selected as sample to attain objectives of the study.Correlation Analysis and Regression Analysis were used to test the research hypothesis. Researcher found that there is no relationship between job stress and job performance of executive employees. Findings revealed that executives are suffering from low level of stress and moderate level of job performance.This study confirmed that job stress is not significantly correlated with job performance. Therefore it can be concluded that job stress is not a significant predictor of job performance.

 Keywords: Job Stress, Job performance, Executives, Commercial Bank