Intensity of Strategic Human Resource Management in Two Selected Private Companies in the Manufacturing Industry in Sri Lanka


  • MD Sanjeewani, Department of Human Resource Management University of Sri Jayewardenepura


The intensity of strategic HRM (SHRM) practices adopted by two selected private companies in the manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka was examined in this study. This research was carried out based on a mixed approach but centered on a qualitative research method which was designed around face-to-face discussions with four managerial level employees, two from each company. A structured questionnaire consisting of 40 questions was used in gathering data. Interviewees were encouraged to express their views on SHRM practices and the researcher rated the answers on a five point Likert scale to analyze the data. The intensity of SHRM was measured on five major dimensions and related contributing elements were investigated under each dimension to gain insights into the implementation of SHRM practices. Among the two companies the study found a higher level of intensity from one company which was a multinational (75%) and a somewhat lower level of intensity from the other investigated company which is a publicly listed company (54.2%). The analysis shows the ways in which an organization can enhance the intensity of SHRM being practiced as it has identified the practical problems which reduce the level of intensity. The suggestions subsequently given provide guidance on how an organization can be successful in developing SHRM through eradicating the possible obstacles.

Keywords: SHRM, Intensity, Private Companies