What Factors affecting to the Job Satisfaction of Non-Employees in Colombo District Commercial Banks, Sri Lanka


  • KTAY Ranmali
  • UK Thalgaspitiya




Area of the Study

This study attempts to identify the factors affecting to the job satisfaction of the nonexecutives in the commercial banks in Colombo district.

Problem of the Study

There is no any empirical research finding of the factors affecting to job satisfaction of nonexecutives in the commercial banks. Therefore, the main objective of this research is to find out the factors affecting to job satisfaction of the non-executives in the commercial banks.

Method of the study

Using simple random sampling method, primary data were collected from 354 nonexecutives from the commercial banks in Colombo District. Structured questionnaire which consisted of 36 questions with five point Likert scales was used to collect the data and participants’ responses were analyzed using SPPS (Version 16). The data were analyzed using univariate and bivariate analyses.

Findings of the Study

The major finding of the study is that there is a positive relationship between the factors of pay, relationship with supervisor, relationship with co-workers, opportunities for promotion, working condition with the satisfaction of non-executives in the commercial Banks in Colombo District.

Conclusion of the Study

The main conclusion of the study is that management of the commercial banks has to consider the different factors of the non-executives for their job satisfaction and make necessary arrangement for upgrading those factors.

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Non-Executives, Commercial Banks