The Impact of Personality on Job Performance: Study on Senior Managers in State Owned Commercial Banks in Colombo District, Sri Lanka


  • BDP Rodrigo
  • P Jayasekara



Area of the Study

This study is aimed to discuss the impact of personality of senior mangers on their job performance in the state owned commercial banks.

Problem of the Study

There is no any empirical research finding of the impact of personality on the job performance of the senior managers in the state owned commercial banks. Therefore, the research problem is: Does personality of the senior managers in the commercial banks affect to their job performance?

Method of the study

Randomly selected 103 senior managers in the state owned commercial banks in Colombo district were the sample of the study and structured questionnaire was distributed among the sample respondents to gather the primary data. The personality of the senior managers was measured using big five personality model. Descriptive statistics and correlation analysis were used to analysis the primary data gathered from the sample.

Findings of the Study

Mainly it was clearly found that there is a strong positive relationship between employee personality and job performance. Further the results proved that Extraversion, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness have strong positive relationship with job performance while Openness to experience has moderate relationship with job performance. It can be revealed that Neuroticism has strong negative relationship with job performance since values obtained through both Correlation analysis and Regression analysis indicated a negative relationship.

Conclusion of the Study

The management of the state owned commercial banks has to pay their consideration to upgrade the relevant personality traits of the senior managers for their high level job performance.

Keywords: Employee Personality, Big Five Personality Model, Job Performance