Marketing Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case in Service Firms in Sri Lanka


  • B.N.F. Warnakulasooriya



Literature on marketing culture stresses the importance of establishment of a cultural orientation to guide decision making and problem solving to successful implementation of CSR. The marketing culture (MC) apparently enables frms to emphasize social concern than the frms that do not have this culture. The fundamental question is whether MC has measurable impact on CSR in services organizations. Therefore, this study examines the impact of MC on the degree of CSR in the Sri Lankan context with special reference to service frms. The major objectives are to assess the degree of MC and CSR in service frms, and to examine the association between MC and CSR in the same industry. A single cross sectional design was employed to collect data through a self- administered questionnaire. The unit of analysis was the Service Firms in Sri Lanka, a sample of which was randomly selected from the registry of the Colombo Stock Exchange–2010. The proxies were the service or service related managers of the sampled frms. The analysis shows that the degree of MC and CSR varies across the service frms and that the association between MC and CSR exists and is strong.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Marketing Culture, Organizational Culture