Self-Guidance and Self-Focusing of Rippled Electromagnetic Radiation Pulse in High Density Magnetoactive Plasma


  • Sonu Sen Department of Physics, Shri Neelkantheshwar Government Post Graduate College, Khandwa, 450001, India
  • Sunil Kumar Patidar Department of Chemistry, Shri Neelkantheshwar Government Post Graduate College, Khandwa, 450001, India
  • Jitendra Kumar Sharma Department of Mathematics, Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492015,




Inside the plasma, when an intense rippled electromagnetic radiation pulse experiences self-focusing, one need to taking account of radial expansion in view of charge displacement due to ponderomotive force on electron and variation in the mass of oscillating electron under the influence of relativistic effect due to electromagnetic field. The extraordinary-mode (E-mode) propagation in a magnetoactive plasma, with stationary magnetic field, which is analogous to the wavering magnetic field of the electromagnetic radiation pulse, is the key feature for the self-guided propagation of rippling electromagnetic radiation pulse in magnetoactive plasma. If the condition for ultra-fast volume ionization is achieved, the radiation pulse itself can generate such a stationary magnetic field. It is demonstrated that external magnetic field affects the channels, causing them to bend. These effects cast new light on the phenomena of self-focusing of rippled electromagnetic radiation pulse. They raise the possibility of combining energy from several channels into one. It is found that the magnetic field strongly influences the plasma dynamic behavior and overall propagation of rippled electromagnetic radiation pulse.

Keywords: Self-focusing, Self-guidance, Magnetized-plasma, Beam-propagation, Nonlinearity