Proceedings of International Polymer Science and Technology Symposium

The “International Symposium on Polymer Science and Technology 2012 in Collaboration with Industries,Institutions and Universities” (IIUPST 2012) is held with the main objective of merging the academia and polymer industry on a common platform to exchange information and novel ideas to enhance research and development.
The inauguration ceremony of the symposium was held at the Galle Face Hotel Colombo on the 2 nd of November 2012 amidst a distinguished gathering of guests.
We have a strong collaborative team of eminent professionals and experienced specialists with wide-ranging areas of expertise in the field of Polymer Science and Technology. The polymer community in Sri Lanka consists of rubber/plastic based industries, rubber plantation industries and textile/apparel industries which contribute exceedingly to our national economy.
We strongly believe that research and development in this community are indispensable in winning over the economic challenges of the country. Having a symposium in collaboration with the academia and industries in Sri Lanka will enhance the partnerships between the industrial sector and government research centers and thus, strengthen our nation’s fiscal framework in an effective way.

Vol 1 (2012): Proceedings of International Polymer Science and Technology Symposium 2012

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Polymer Science and Technology 2012

in Collaboration with Industries, Institutions and Universities

03rd and 04th November, 2012 Colombo, Sri Lanka

Table of Contents

Polymer synthesis, characterization and analysis

K. M. T. D. Gunasekara, D. C. Neckers
R Wijesena, N Tissera, L Karunanayake
M Licchelli, M Malagodi, S Varesi, M Weththimuni
L. P. S. Rohitha, S. S. N. Perera, M. A. B. Prashantha
S Arasaretnam, L Karunanayake
H. K. K. P. Athapattu, M. A. B. Prashantha, A. D. U. S. Amarasinghe
R Wijesena
M Licchelli, M Malgodi, M Wethimuni, C Zanchi

Rubbers, rubber blends and applications

A. D. Weerakoon, A. H. L. R. Nilmini, H. N. K. K. Chandralal, W. C. M. Kuruppu
M. C. W. Somaratne, N. M. V. K. Liyanage, S. Walpalage
S. U. Lokubalasooriya, S. M. Egodage, B. A. J. K. Premachandra
M. G. S. M. Wijeratne, L. M. K. Tillekeratne, W. M. G. Seneviratne, D. G. Edirisinghe, W. D. M. Sampath, S. L. G. Ranjith
R. Gajanayake, S.D.M. Chinthaka, S. Egodage
A. P. Attanayake, L. Karunanayake, A. H. R. L Nilmini
B. H. K. M. Silva, D. G. Edirisinghe, M. K. Mahanama
T.B.L. Peiris
N. M. V. K. Liyanage, R. A. S. N. Rajapaksha, V. R. D. C. Priyadharshana

Textiles, polymer blends and composites

N. Tissera, R. Perera, R. Wijesena, L. Karunanayake, A. de Alwis
K. V. L. Amarasinghe, V. A. Seneviratne, L. R. A. K. Bandara, A. K. Arof, M. A. K. L. Dissanayake
R. Perera, R. Wijesena, N. Tissera, L. Karunanayake
J. Ketiperachchi, U. N. Ratnayake
S. S. Wijayapala

Polymers and Environment

A. M. P. B Samarasekara, J. D. C. M. Jayakody, A. G. S. Madurasangani