Proceedings of International Polymer Science and Technology Symposium

The “International Symposium on Polymer Science and Technology 2012 in Collaboration with Industries,Institutions and Universities” (IIUPST 2012) is held with the main objective of merging the academia and polymer industry on a common platform to exchange information and novel ideas to enhance research and development.
The inauguration ceremony of the symposium was held at the Galle Face Hotel Colombo on the 2 nd of November 2012 amidst a distinguished gathering of guests.
We have a strong collaborative team of eminent professionals and experienced specialists with wide-ranging areas of expertise in the field of Polymer Science and Technology. The polymer community in Sri Lanka consists of rubber/plastic based industries, rubber plantation industries and textile/apparel industries which contribute exceedingly to our national economy.
We strongly believe that research and development in this community are indispensable in winning over the economic challenges of the country. Having a symposium in collaboration with the academia and industries in Sri Lanka will enhance the partnerships between the industrial sector and government research centers and thus, strengthen our nation’s fiscal framework in an effective way.

Vol 1 (2012): Proceedings of International Polymer Science and Technology Symposium 2012

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Polymer Science and Technology 2012

in Collaboration with Industries, Institutions and Universities

03rd and 04th November, 2012 Colombo, Sri Lanka

Table of Contents

Polymer synthesis, characterization and analysis

Preparation of novel polymerizable diarylethene derivatives and their photochromic polymer films
K. M. T. D. Gunasekara, D. C. Neckers
Preparation and characterization of α-Chitin nanofibers from crab shells of Portunus pelagicus (blue swimmer crab)
R Wijesena, N Tissera, L Karunanayake
Evaluation of four sacrificial anti-graffiti polymers on a highly porous stone substrate
M Licchelli, M Malagodi, S Varesi, M Weththimuni
Studies on mechanical properties and kinetics of weight loss ofpolypropylene waste plastic under iso-thermal conditions
L. P. S. Rohitha, S. S. N. Perera, M. A. B. Prashantha
Studies on the kinetics of epoxidation of soybean oil using synthetic cationic exchange resin
S Arasaretnam, L Karunanayake
Thermoset plastic waste from garment button industry as a novel solid state curing agent for epoxy resin system
H. K. K. P. Athapattu, M. A. B. Prashantha, A. D. U. S. Amarasinghe
Hydrodynamically and mechanically assisted wet spinning of elastomeric polyurethane filaments
R Wijesena
Modification of shellac varnish by nanoparticles and a perfluoropolyether based polymer
M Licchelli, M Malgodi, M Wethimuni, C Zanchi

Rubbers, rubber blends and applications

Improvement of cure characteristics and physical properties of EPDM by incorporating skim rubber
A. D. Weerakoon, A. H. L. R. Nilmini, H. N. K. K. Chandralal, W. C. M. Kuruppu
Surface modification of silica with a hydrophilic polymer and its influence on reinforcement of natural rubber latex
M. C. W. Somaratne, N. M. V. K. Liyanage, S. Walpalage
Banana fibre filled natural rubber compounds: the effect of filler loading and the coupling agent
S. U. Lokubalasooriya, S. M. Egodage, B. A. J. K. Premachandra
Evaluation of the suitability of local dolomite as a replacement for calcite in solid tyre manufacture
M. G. S. M. Wijeratne, L. M. K. Tillekeratne, W. M. G. Seneviratne, D. G. Edirisinghe, W. D. M. Sampath, S. L. G. Ranjith
Effect of blend composition on physicochemical properties of natural rubber/linear low density polyethylene blend
R. Gajanayake, S.D.M. Chinthaka, S. Egodage
Microbial activity in natural rubber latex with currently existing preservative systems
A. P. Attanayake, L. Karunanayake, A. H. R. L Nilmini
Improvement of surface properties of natural rubber latex films with a novel plasticizer
B. H. K. M. Silva, D. G. Edirisinghe, M. K. Mahanama
Comparison study of three tractor tyre tread compounds
T.B.L. Peiris
Performance of a multifunctional additive as a coupling agent for silica filled natural rubber compounds
N. M. V. K. Liyanage, R. A. S. N. Rajapaksha, V. R. D. C. Priyadharshana

Textiles, polymer blends and composites

Nano titanium dioxide embedded nano fibers spun from electro spinning technology to produce stain removal and UV blocking nano fibers
N. Tissera, R. Perera, R. Wijesena, L. Karunanayake, A. de Alwis
An investigation of anionic conductivity of the composite polymer electrolyte based on PEO and Pr4N+I- salt with the filler TiO2
K. V. L. Amarasinghe, V. A. Seneviratne, L. R. A. K. Bandara, A. K. Arof, M. A. K. L. Dissanayake
Enhancement of photocatalytic activity of nano TiO2 by doping with nitrogen and its stain removal properties
R. Perera, R. Wijesena, N. Tissera, L. Karunanayake
Natural rubber/clay nanocomposites: effect of organic modifier of clay on cure characteristics and mechanical properties
J. Ketiperachchi, U. N. Ratnayake
Investigation of mordanting activity of the flower of Nyctanthes arbor tristis L.(Sepalika) on natural dyed fabrics
S. S. Wijayapala

Polymers and Environment

Zingibain-Pectin-LDPE as a biodegradable composite material
A. M. P. B Samarasekara, J. D. C. M. Jayakody, A. G. S. Madurasangani

Proceedings of International Polymer Science and Technology Symposium, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka