The impact of green marketing tools on green product purchase behavior: the moderation effect of consumer demographics


  • J. P. N. Sewwandi University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
  • P. K. C. Dinesha University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka



Purpose: The green concept has become a major concern of the modern world when consumers buy a product. Sri Lankan consumers also change their purchasing behavior toward green purchases. Even though environmental actives influence humans and firms’ behavior very significantly, very limited academic disciplines have integrated the selected phenomenon into their literature especially true of marketing. Thus, this study focuses on whether Environmental Advertisements, Perception of Eco-labels, and Perception of Eco Brands impact on green purchasing behaviour.

Design/methodology/approach: The present study empirically tests the theoretical model in social-ecological paradigm association with green advertising tools and green purchase behavior. A survey of 150 consumers who used electronic home appliances is conducted as a self-administrated questionnaire.

Findings: According to the findings, green marketing tools positively impact Green Purchasing Behavior in the electronics home appliances market. Further, the moderation effects make sure consumer demographics such as gender and education level have significant effects on the green behavior of the electronic home appliances market, but the different marketing tools are different.

Originality: This study provides penetrations into studying the impact of green marketing tools on consumer purchasing behaviour with consumer demographics and motivation to purchase green electronic home appliances.      

Implications: This study provides insights to marketers to use Environmental Advertisement, Eco-Labeling system, and Eco Brand System to motivate the customers to buy the green products. The green marketers can establish a uniform Eco-Label system with the support of the government. Further, the marketers can enhance customer awareness regarding the standardized Eco Label using the Environmental Advertisement.

Keywords: Eco-Brand, Eco-Label, Environmental-Advertisement, Green Marketing Tools, Green Purchasing Behaviour