For Reviewers

The review process is an important aspect of the publication process which enables the author to improve the manuscript as well as helps editors in making a decision on an article. AJMM operates a double-blind peer review system. The review process ensures that all authors have equal opportunity for publication of their papers which meet expectations of the journal.

Before accepting to review a manuscript, reviewers should ensure that the manuscript is within their area of expertise, and they can dedicate sufficient time to conduct a critical review of the manuscript.

Manuscripts are confidential materials given to a reviewer in trust for the sole purpose of critical evaluation. Reviewers should ensure that the review processes are confidential. Details of the manuscript and the review process should remain confidential during and after the review process.

Reviews should be honest and objective. Reviewers should not be influenced by the origin of the manuscript, religious, political, or cultural viewpoint of the author, gender, race, ethnicity, or citizenry of the author.

In evaluating a manuscript, reviewers should focus on the following:

  • Originality
  • Contribution to the field
  • Technical quality
  • Depth of research
  • Clarity of presentation


Reviewers should also observe that,

  • The author(s) has/have followed the instruction for authors, editorial policies, and publication ethics.
  • AJMM’s reporting guidelines are followed
  • The report should be accurate, objective, constructive and unambiguous.  
  • Comments should be backed by facts and constructive arguments with regard to the content of the manuscript.

Reviewers should avoid using hostile, derogatory, and accusatory comments. Reviewers should review and duly return the review form in the given format.

Download the Review Format

Reviewers’ recommendations can be any of the following:

  • Accepted without corrections
  • Accepted with minor corrections
  • Accepted with major revisions
  • Rejected