Disability in the Workplace: Legal Barriers Affecting Human Resources Management Practices and Workplace Accommodation for the Persons with Disabilities in Sri Lanka - A Review of Literature


  • M. A. N. Chandratilaka
  • Prasadini Gamage




Disability can be defined as a physical or mental condition that barred such individual from properly interact with physical or social environment. This difficulty provided root course for historical marginalization of persons with disabilities in the society and visible in various fields ranging from education to employment and being analysed by various scholars. This literature review explores the question how various scholars approached the social political and legal issues arise out of low employment rate of the persons with disabilities and expressed their views on how to solve them. Since a systematic literature review has not been conducted in Sri Lanka on this topic, to answer the aforesaid research problem, author will evaluate multiple scholarly approaches towards the barriers affecting human resource practices and workplace accommodation for persons with disabilities and explore solutions available in the existing literature to resolve such issues. This research will be based on literature review methodology and first of such work in the field of disability rights in Sri Lanka. Thereby, results of this research will be produced by collecting and synthesizing previous research for advancing knowledge and facilitating theory development. However, literature survey was limited to the works which recently published in English language and meet certain scholarly standards.

Keywords: Persons with Disabilities, Employment, Workplace Accommodation, Review of Literature